Steve Merlo – Sequanda


Rock School owner Steve Merlo has just released his first album on Itunes and Google Play. For years he has taught and inspired many kids and adults to follow their musical passions. Now you can hear his impact as a singer/songwriter. Sequanda features many different styles of music yet there is still a signature sound that is distinctly Steve’s. The album starts with an upbeat rocker called “Bullshwack” which starts the whole fantasy style concept on the album. Although this album is only partially a concept album, it still captures the essence of a great story that will continue on future albums to come.

There is a song for everybody on this album. Whether you like rock, pop, country, metal, folk, or easy listening this album has all those elements. Many love the extreme mix of styles in “Beyond The Rugged Plains”. Others love the acoustic folk sound of “Another Long Road”, Or the heavy hard hitting song “The Stinger”. This album also features some very moody tracks like “Over The Sunrise” and “Dark Center”, as well as an eight and a half minute long epic adventure in “The Tides To Marquita Bay”. Former Rock School student Ayla Buckberry will be featured in an upcoming indie film performing 2 songs from this album, “Wasted Winters” and “All I See which is a love song written for Steve’s fiance Raema.

You can get Sequanda on Itunes and Google Play today. Steve is still available to give great music lessons to students of any age so remember to call 250-712-0380, or email to get signed up for the best group music lessons or private guitar lessons in town.

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