Youth Band

Learn to play an instrument of your choice while playing with a real band! Your band will have the opportunity to strut your stuff in front of your family and friends and a whole bunch of others in the audience!

The Rock School’s often imitated seasonal Youth Band courses help budding musicians express themselves freely in whatever direction they wish to go, whether it be punk rock, country, classic rock, metal, pop, or even jazz!

Every 3 month Youth Band term ends in a concert put on by KRS. It lets your kids be seen and play on a real stage in front of friends, family and others alongside a band that they’ve put their effort into. End of term concerts are now held at Okanagan College at 1000 KLO Road in the Lecture Theatre of the main building. The sound is great, as well as there is a real stage with curtains, lights and the whole bit!

How Youth Band Program Works

After a student has enrolled their first class begins with a brainstorm of songs that will be practiced through out the term. Every single student will get to play at least one of their choices. Our process give kids a practical “hands on” understanding of playing music. The basic steps are:

  1. Break down the songs into easy-to-learn pieces
  2. Learn song segments on each instrument
  3. Individual practice and learning
  4. Full band rehearsal
  5. End of term concert

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards where a student gets to learn their instruments one-on-one with the instructor.