Since 2006 Kelowna Rock School has been empowering kids with an understanding and love of music. What started as a mom and pop music school has grown into a local sensation dreamed by a couple of local musicians that felt that music instruction could use a fresh, new approach.

Kelowna Rock School teaches kids between 4 and 18 how to play popular instruments such as drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and singing; many popular genres of music are taught through learning favourite songs listened to by today’s youth. You might hear rock, metal, funk, pop, punk, country, or even rap music as selections from Rock School youth bands.

What sets us apart from the rest is our concerts.  There is no All-Star Show band that we parade around to make ourselves look good.  Just a big group of kids that wish to be on stage and in the spotlight with friends.  It’s not about us, it’s about your kids!  And the concerts are put on free of charge, so everyone can join in the thrill of being center stage in front of family and friends!

Why Have Lessons at Kelowna Rock School?

  • We build personal relationships with our clients.
  • Sensible prices and flexible payment methods.
  • Our students get to play their favourite instrument and songs that they love.
  • All students get to perform at our concerts.
  • Any student can join a rock band, no matter what level of experience they have.

Please contact us for information if you would lik to know more about our rockin’ little school!

Our Head Instructor Steve

Steve Merlo is the owner and head instructor at the Rock School. He also manages Kelowna Rock School, keeping everything running in a smooth orderly fashion. Steve has enjoyed working with kids over the years, and hopes to inspire his students to make great music.

Steve started playing guitar when he was 14, and was influenced heavily by 90’s alternative rock. He’s has played in a number of groups over the years and is now the lead singer for local cover band The Ozzy Ozmunds.

Steve has been involved with the Kelowna Rock School since 2008, and started out as a part time teacher for the company. After his first day on the job he knew that he loved the Rock School, and wanted to continue being involved with it. Within a couple of months, Steve was interested in becoming the owner of the school, and made it official in 2009. Now three years into running the company, Steve is still very much involved in teaching and it gives him great satisfaction to have a positive musical influence on his students.